Who Is VishvamBhari Maa?

Maa Photo

     VishvamBhari Maa is the Goddess of Karma (The good deeds).VishvamBhari Maa will reward us on account of our Karma's.Vishwambhari Maa is the Mother of Whole World. VishvamBhari Maa is the creator of "Brahma - Vishnu and Mahesh". VishvamBhari Maa is the creator of nature and culture. VishvamBhari Maa is the creator of whole world. VishvamBhari Maa has just come to unite the world. She'll light up the lives of each and every human being.

      Maa will transfer the home into the temple one. Maa says that :"The real temple is within you. Stop finding it in outer world."The purity, unity and loyalty makes one own home a temple. Maa has arrived to give original thinking to all of us. and to change our typical mentality. This is world level thinking school in which are watching Maa. Maa has arrived to teach us new curriculum. She'll teach women how to maintain family relations and how to bring up the children. She'll teach children to make their lives just as great personalities like Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Paramhans. She'll teach the men Business management and well establishment in family as well as the great adjustment with society. Everyone faces difficulties and tough situation in his / her personal life. But fact is that no one will stand by you when you'll have critical time to face. She is only Maa who can feel your personal matters and difficulties as if they were her own.

      Now a days, there are so many places around us which are totally based on untruth and black magic. They call themselves as the gourd of religion. They try to prove themselves as if they were divine natured, but they work as if they were devils. They take money from their devotees and feed them from the same wealth. They run this kind of free food centers and people used to go to of God. the organizers of this kind of religious institutes may have connected with so many evils.

      We must not low against this kind of people. They always try to befoul the innocent people having created some miracles by their black magic. How is God ? How is Maa ? Does any one has seen her ever ? How can this people can make others complete while they themselves are incomplete ? We just have to come out from this dark-side and we have to follow the original thinking. Always remember that your own family members or relatives may cheat you sometimes. But Maa won't do like this. She won't you either disregard or let you lead on the untruth way. Infect she'll lead the people on the correct way.

     Today we are fighting against the discrimination between boy and girl. Maa has arrived here to teach the true lesson of life like education and devotion. Maa has arrived to establish the true religion and to destruct the immorality.

Immortal Senteces by "MAA"


Just try to step towards me ;
I will open each and every way for you.

Just try to spend your earnings on my way ;
I will fill up all your granaries.

Just try to listen my words ;
I will fevour you in your every critical condition.

Just try to bow on my feet ;
I will bless you forever.

Just try to spread my views among world;
I will make you more valuable.

Just try to have conteplation on me ;
I will make you more learned one.

Just try your self to assist me;
I will bless you with all worldly pleasure.

Just try to be something for me;
I will give you everything.

Just try to think about me ;
I will let you forget all you afflictions

Just try to be mine ;
I will direct everyone towards you.